Официальный дилер австрийского концерна Palfinger Официальный дилер австрийского концерна Palfinger
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Захваты для мусорных контейнеров PZC250PR

Захват для контейнеров с грибковой либо же с кольцевой системой открытия.

  • Combination model: without any adjustments both types of containers can be handled – with mushroom system or ring system
  • Low overall hight due to compact design
  • Robust mechanics with self locking spindle
  • Precise positioning with rotator
  • Pressure relief valve ensures independence of crane operating pressure
  • Protection against damage of container by automatic lift stop and an additional height control system
  Lift of the hook max. Load capacity Height (incl. rotator) Self weight Operating pressure max. Pump capacity max.
Type (mm) (kg) (mm) (kg) (MPa(bar)) (l/min)
PZC250PR 500 2500 1055 170 32 (320) 60